What is 21st Century Education?

It is about using what we know about how people learn. It is about using the tools that we now have available to help learners learn. It is about being a part of a learning community, that is part of another learning community and so forth and so on since learning is forever! It's about rethinking curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and accountability in response to society's demands for citizens of our country in the 21st century. - ensenyo ensenyo

Peruse the pages of this site to learn more about education in the 21st century.

The materials offered here are by no means comprehensive. They are here to get you started.

Think back as far as you can to recall your schooling. Think about the following:
  • How has the world changed?
  • How have schools changed?
  • How have students changed?
  • How have technologies changed?
You may find, depending on your age, that over time, everything but the American classroom has changed significantly. Isn't it time for the classroom to be in-time with the the rhythm of today's world?

Videos Worth Watching

When I become a teacher....


Did you know? You really have to take the time to watch this video. It's a remake of one that was out earlier. in 2007/2006. It's a bit slicker than the original. It is why we must all be 21st century educators.

Pay Attention

Additional Videos

Kristin Hokanson's EdTech folder on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/profile_favorites?user=khokanson
A collection of videos to use for Professional Development
Do Schools Kill Creativity -- Sir Kenneth Robinson at the TED Conference, February 2006 (19 min. 29 sec.)

Important Links

Here are a few good links...

Partnership for 21st Century Skills This site has been made over since August, 2007. It now provides comprehensive resources and more clarity to development of 21st century skills. There are excellent resources to be used in your classroom. Start with the "framework" first and then continue to link through it. Definitely worth your time.
Time Magazine Article (2006 article talking about how 20th century our public schools are)
The Empty Child (kind of a radical look but holds some elements of truth)
Join the Conversation (global community discussion on 21st century ed)
Using Backward Design Ideas: applicable to any discipline and a great instruction model-pertinent for the 21st classroom
Alabama's Best Practices See how 21st century education works in Alabama
Videos/PPTs promoting the use of Web 2.0 in education

Additional Readings

21st Century Learning In Action

Are They Really Ready to Work?

How People Learn: Adaptive Expertise

More on Adaptive Expertise

ppt accessed July 18, 2007 from and converted to pdf.

More coming.....

Becoming Literate in the 21st Century


School Leader Development: Building 21st Century Schools,

Microsoft's Partners in Learning
Building 21st Century Schools