How to Use This Wiki Page Here I have collected some web links that can help you delve into the use of Web 2.0 or the world of social software. There are endless amounts of sites, just like there is endless information available. Our job as educators is to help learners find the good stuff. These offerings are what I think (and my colleagues think) represent "good stuff". This changes, of course, far quicker than I can edit the page so I hope you do come back to visit. Just peruse the sites and maybe something will pique your interest. Using these links, you can "use the machine" to do what you need to bring Learning/Facilitating/instruction into the 21st century.
- ensenyo ensenyo

Start Here:

21st Century Skills

Web 2.0 - A Tsunami? A cultural anthropologist's video that just might blow you away!

I created this after viewing Michael Wesch's video.

When I Grow Up
This video is no longer available at the above link. However, click to the Author/Creator link below and you will be able to view it:


21st Century Tools

Tools: Podcasting, Wikis, Blogs and Other Social Software, Etc.


What is a Podcast?

Librarians' Internet Index
Podcasting 101 for Librarians (step-by-step guide)

Sample Podcasts

Nancy Keane's booktalks
One of many sources for podcasts
Podcasts about art at MOMA Way cool! Be introduced to Smart Mobs
Get out there are listen to some podcasts! Then, you will see how they could be used in your learning community.

How could/would you use a podcast?

My first podcast A very rudimentary podcast with some really generalized ideas about using podcasting but here because I wanted you to hear my son play his own music...which was taken from a cassette and played in a battery operated old cassette player and which was put on Audacity using a crummy old microphone.
Taking advantage of podcasting
Apples take on it

What is a vodcast/videocast?

Really, this is video and audio delivered to an mp3 or ipod or cellphone. In just a few short months, this has changed so.
Where to start
You Tube

How do you podcast?

Audacity This is the link to the site that offers this open-sourceware.
from a colleague who got it from a colleague who got it from.....
directions for getting the dll encoder into your format library in audacity. But you may not have to do it this way....
Screencast tutorial for Audacity
Garage Band for Macs
G-Cast totally free, totally cool. You can even phone your "podcast" in!

RSS'll need that if you are really going to become a podcaster. Check out Will Richardson's book. Also Linda Holt's Wiki will help you out and has an awesome set up and a plethora of information.


What is a blog?


Sample Blogs
A Math Classroom Blog
Staff Development Blog
My Blog
A Book Blog
55 Million Blogs
A University Class Blog
Will Richardson's Blog

How could/would you use a blog?

How to Use Blogs in the Classroom
Blogs vs. Social Networking
Implementing Blogging in the Classroom
Seven Things You Should Know About Blogs
Why Blog?
Moderating and Ethics Regarding Blogging

How do you blog?

Using Edublog
Using Blogger


What is a Wiki?


Sample Wikis amazing links for everything you could want to use in the classroom!
global school wiki project
Bloggers to Learn From (Hey, that's this Wiki--the one you are reading!)

How could/would you use a wiki?

Using Wikis: A Blog
A Wiki tutorial

How do you set up a Wiki?

Peanut Butter Wiki
Wiki and Blog Tool in One

A Definitive Source

Dr. Will Richardson

Other Cool Things social bookmarking for pictures but use the Creative Commons license ones if you don't want to violate copyright You can use the embed link to put videos into your blogs or wikis or even systems like Blackboard. If you don't have fancy "office" type software, here is an open-source for creating documents and spreadsheets.
Convert any file Maybe you need to turn your Word document into a PDF? You Tube video to MP3? Zamzar is the one! Webquests are a cool idea.
Download You Tube Videos Maybe you want to use a YouTube video without the ads, and without embedding because maybe your school internet goes down a lot or can't stand the strain.
Wimpy Stand Alone FLV Player Use this for downloaded YouTube videos and other flash movies.
Teacher Tube: Quality Videos for Classroom Use Teachers have finally put their stuff up here to share with others.
The Futures Channel Another "teacher video" site.
Next Vista for Learning Yet another "teacher video" site.
A Hot Search Engine
Voice Thread. Add voice comments easily; annotate on pictures while you speak; share comments. Incredible!
ED2.0 An online learning community where you can browse "to learn", "to teach" or look for resources. It's free and could readily be used by schools that can't afford a course/content management system.
Weebly A fast free way to create/host a web-page. Extremely user friendly.
MeBeam Video Chat Rooms.
Chatzy Free private chat service.
Live Interactive Broadcast All you need is a web cam and an internet connection!
Classsroom 2.0 A great place to learn about recent Web 2.0 tools, role of collaboration in education today, etc. Make sure you look through the navigation sidebar.
Open Thinking 80+ videos for tech/media literacy- ensenyo ensenyo May 25, 2009
MakeUseOf A great place to learn about new web apps, cool tools, tips and software reviews. Subscribe to email newsletter to keep yourself informed of what is new and what you could use in your daily life.
Intelligent Video The top cultural and educational videos. - ensenyo ensenyo Jun 3, 2009